Zygomatic Implant Guides

Demystify Zygomatic Implant Placement

Reduce the risks related to your zygomatic implant cases with a precision-optimized treatment plan and the ability to easily transfer that optimized treatment plan to the patient intraoperatively, for the safest and most predictable outcomes.

As Clinical Media Director for one of the world’s most renowned teaching oral surgeons, I’ve critically studied hundreds of surgical cases and been present for a great many zygomatic implant cases. 

After observing the common risks and complications associated with zygomatic implant placement, I devised a zygomatic implant guide design and corresponding sequential surgical protocol that quantifies most all of the space management and anatomical variables and sets the implant insertion path trajectory for safe, confident implant placement.

My treatment planning, guide design and surgical protocol have been in use and proven successful for the past 3 years at the first ZAGA center in North America and has been taught to hundreds of surgeons at one of the most esteemed surgical teaching institutes in the world.

Watch video of my presentation on the zygomatic implant guide design workflow.

Benefits to Zygomatic Implant Placement in Guided Mode
• Precision Optimized Treatment Plan
• Demystifies Zygomatic Implant Placement
• Ensures Safe Implant Insertion  
• Minimizes Risk of Morbidity and Implant Failure
• Maximizes Long-term Stability
• Quad or Hybrid Zygomatic Implant Cases
• Guides are Delivered with Osteomitized Study Model

How it Works
Simply contact me to arrange providing your patient’s DICOM file (We Transfer, Dropbox, etc.). I will segment the DICOM and create and refine a virtual 3D model and plan the case in Bluesky Plan. 

Once the case is planned, I send you images of the virtual implant placement case workup to approve or request adjustments.

Watch a video slideshow of images from a typical quad zygomatic case workup, similar to what is sent to surgeons for approval.

After the treatment plan is approved I will design guides that will transfer all aspects of the treatment plan to the patient for near perfectly precise execution.

I will provide comprehensive, detailed sequential steps for the surgical protocol to you or can be available to attend your surgery for direction onsite.

Call (813) 857-0783 or Email to Learn More and Get Started!

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